Basic Web Design Final Review

What is HTML, and what is it used for?

What is CSS, and what is it used for?

In what order should nested tags be closed? Give an example of a centered div containing an img.

Describe two ways to make HTML code more readable.

What are 3 things that should be in the ,head.

What is the difference between an Absolute link and a relatice link? When should each be used?

Write the HTML Code for a relative link to a file called escape.html with clickable text "Dare to escape!".

Write the HTML code for an image called "escape.jpg" with a width of 300 pixels and height of 250 pixels and alternate text of "Can you escape the chamber of horror?"

What is intellectual property?

What is hot-linking? Is it something you should or should not do? Why?

What are some of the rights granted under a creative commons license?

What will the following code produce?

  1. List item
  2. List item
  3. List item
    1. List item
    2. List item

What does the following code produce? (draw the table borders)

How do you make the following symbols using ampersand notation? >, é, &

How do you make a comment in HTML? What is the purpose of comments?

When would you ise RGB vs HSLA?

What is the purpose of a ,div.

What CSS code would give every image in an HTML file a margin of 20 pixels?

What will the number order be if float:left is applied to both the "2" and "4" images?

What is the total width, in pixels, of a div with the following rule set?

div{ width:600px; padding:40px; border:solid thin #000000; box-sizing:content-box; }

What is an example of White hat optimization?

What are 2 benefits of having text alternatives to multimedia elements?